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Bosch VP44 Fuel Injection Pumps

For Cummins 5.9L
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Bosch VP44 

Fuel Injection Pump
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VP44 Installation 

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Our Pumps Come with a One Year, Unlimited Mile Warranty.
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Bosch Remanufactured VP44 Injection Pumps
Bosch VP44 Electronic Fuel Injection Pump For Dodge 

Cummins Diesel Engines
1998-2002 215HP & 235HP
Dodge 5.9 L VP44 Electronic Fuel Injection Pump
For trucks with Automatic & 5-speed Manual transmissions. Most common pump found on Dodge Pickup Trucks.
Bosch VP44 Electronic Fuel Injection Pump For Dodge Cummins Diesel 

2000-2002 245HP
Dodge 5.9 L VP44 Electronic Fuel Injection Pump
For 2000-02 trucks with 6-speed Manual transmissions. This pump is not as common as the VP44027X pump. To avoid core charges please provide the engine serial number below. This pump will not work for the 235 hp or 215 hp Dodge trucks.
Bosch VP44 Electronic Fuel Injection Pump For Dodge Cummins 

Diesel Engines
All HP
NON-DODGE PICKUPS 5.9 L VP44 Electronic Fuel Injection Pump
For Heavy duty Midrange applications: freightliner / tow trucks
Disclaimer: Failure to replace feed pump along with the Injection Pump may result in non warranted damage.  It is highly recommended that the feed pump be changed along with the injection pump.

Bosch VP44027 Injection Pump Packages
Click here to build your own VP44 package
Great Value! Bosch 

Diesel VP44027 Pump Kit
Dodge 235 HP 5.9 L VP44 Electronic Fuel Injection Pump Package
  • VP44027 Bosch fuel injection pump
  • OEM Replacement Feed Pump
  • FleetGuard Fuel Filter
  • Installation hardware
NOTE: When replacing the Injection pump on a 5.9 l 24 valve Dodge truck it is very highly recommended that you also replace the feed pump and the fuel filter. These are the two major causes for pump failure. Also an early warning sensor can help prevent pump failure.
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1998-1999 Package PKGVP27FP92FS98
2000-2002 Package PKGVP27FP92FS55
Best Value!
Dodge 235 HP 5.9 L VP44 Electronic Fuel Injection Pump Package With FASS Fuel System
  • VP44027 Bosch fuel injection pump
  • FASS 150 Series High Performance Lift Pump
  • FleetGuard Fuel Filter & Water Separator
  • Installation hardware
  • 95gph for stock to moderate horsepower modifications
  • 150gph for applications with over 500 horsepower
FASS INFO: The FASS Fuel System will greatly increase the running life of the VP44 fuel injection pump. This system will provide more than enough fuel to keep these pumps cool and lubricated. The FASS fuel system is by far the best feed pump option for stock to extreme horse power Dodge Cummins Diesels.
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1998-2002 FASS Package FASS Fuel System 95gph flow rate PKGVP2715MO
1998-2002 FASS High Horsepower Application Package FASS Fuel System 150gph flow rate PKGVP2715EX

High Performance VP44 Fuel Injection Pump
New High Performance 

VP44 Diesel Injection Pump
Dodge ISB 24 Valve 1998.5-2002 5.9L High Performance VP44 Electronic Fuel Injection Pump

Gain 40+ Horse power
Get more power and better MPG

It is highly recommended to use a high performance lift pump in combination with the hot rod VP44 to compensate for the additional horse power. Such as the FASS system.

Check out Dyno results for our new High Performance VP44 Diesel Injection Pump High Performance VP44 Diesel Injection Pump Dyno Results
1998.5-2002 High Performance VP44 M15VP44HPX

High Performance VP44 Note:

Effective January 1, 2012 all VP44HPX (High Performance VP44 Pumps) installed must have at least a 95 GPH (Gallon Per Hour) flow rate transfer pump also installed to be covered under our full One Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty. No warranty will be offered for VP44HPX Pumps that are installed with a transfer pump below 95GPH flow rate. Proof of a transfer pump meeting these requirements will be required at the time a warranty claim is made on a VP44HPX. Transfer pumps meeting or exceeding these requirements are, but not limited to, the FASS Heavy Duty, Titanium, Platinum, and Fuel Pump Series. Owners with a FASS or Airdog Transfer pump will be required to submit their transfer pump serial number and a copy of the receipt for verification through the respective manufacturers, at the time of a warranty claim. If you have any questions as to whether or not your transfer pump meets these requirements please feel free to call one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 877.375.7867.

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*Performance chip & add on disclaimer

Tampering with the pump's wires can cause premature pump failure.  If the wires are cut the pump is no longer warrantable, and any repairs that need to be made to the injection pump will be the buyer's responsibility. In the VP44 pump the fuel is used to cool and lubricate  the pump, and the tolerances between the head and the rotor is very fine. Performance chip add-ons affect the cooling rate of the pump. The pump will become hotter due to excessive RPMs from the chips programming. When the throttle is backed off the fuel to the pump is reduced, and the pump's cooling capabilities are greatly reduced. Since the pump is hotter from the increased RPMs the rotor siezes in the head and the pump fails. An alternative to cutting into the pump's wires is to use a chip that plugs directly into the trucks ECM. This approach will allow for an increase in HP while not excessively heating the fuel pump. A great example of this is the DiabloSport Power Puck.

*Defective VP44 Engine Codes

The retrieval of codes does not constitute an engine diagnosis. However, there are some codes that usually indicate a defective injection pump. A current P1688 always means that the pump is bad, there is no further diagnosis required. Code P0216 is probably the most common code for VP-44 Pumps. If transfer pump pressure has been checked and is O.K., the injection pump is defective. Other codes that are less common are P0180, P0181, P0215, P0251, P0252, P0253, P0254, P0370, P1287, P1689 and P1690. These codes USUALLY, but not always indicate a defective pump. There are wiring and power checks to be performed if these codes are present. These codes relate to Dodge pickups only, and are not for any other ISB application.
VP44 Part Number Look Up Table
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Please Enter Engine Serial #
Finding the Engine Serial Number on Cummins ISB 24 Valve 5.9 L Engines

The Engine Serial number is on the engine data plate, which can be found on the drivers side of the timing gear case.  The plate shows the CPL (control parts list) number, date of manufacture, timing specs, & the engine serial number.

Finding the Serial Number on 

Cummins Engines Finding the 

Serial Number on Cummins Engines
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